VSCO ambassador

Sept 25th 2017 - Instagram, VSCO and EyeEm

Hello, its been a while since I wrote her. I don't know where time went but we have a few months left of 2017! In this post I want to just do a little mention on a couple of great photo sharing app, VSCO and EyeEm

Most of us are on Instagram and Facebook, its a great way to keep up to date with friends and families or businesses that we like. Instagram has evolved a lot since its infancy days. I used to log on there not only to see what my friends are up to but to get inspiration on photography from other photographers. Nowadays, I find Instagram too commercialised and frankly too much selfies. Its fine for some people but its hard for me to find inspiration.

So if you are a photographer, a hobbyist photographer or just love looking at amazing photography and in need of some inspiring strong images then I would really recommend joining VSCO and EyeEm.

VSCO which stands for Visual Company, is essentially an editing company for photographers both for desktop and sharing online (I think most people edit their Instagram images with the VSCO app).

EyeEm is not only an a global photography community but also a marketplace where companies and individuals can buy and sell images. They also have fantastic themed competitions, which I have one a great Honor phone. 

I am active user of both and I am proud to say that VSCO chose me as one of their global ambassadors last year and just very recently EyeEm contacted me as one of the photographers on the platform to collaborate and work together with brands.  Watch this space!

Syarifah xx